Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who is mans best friend?

The Co-pilot and I had friends over for Dinner last week, the very wise and enlightened Grumpy Goat and Mdm Cyn. During the evenings cordial conversation and witty exchanges The Goat came out with a fantastic one which, with full acknowledgment and credit, I recall here:

Q. Which is mans best friend? His Dog or his wife/girlfriend? [delete as appropriate]

Well there is a simple test: Lock both in the boot of a car and leave them for three hours. Come back and pop the boot open and see which one jumps out still pleased to see you!!

You can't fault this as a fool proof test now can you?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Clearing The Back Log

As you may be able to tell from all the "under construction" posts I have a back log of stuff I really want to write about on the the blog, or pictures I want to upload but I simply don't seem to find the time of late - so much for shorter Ramadan hours meaning I get more spare time.  Fat chance.

Anyway, in order to improve things I've decided to simply upload the pictures for most of the posts in order to get them out there, and if I get time later I'll fill n the blanks around these.  So, if you are interested take a look at:


Early Riser - A Day in the Desert with Mr Bob

Head Banger - Batteries not included

Ramadan Sundowner

Hope they entertain.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

YBOD3 gets a tidy boot

With the help of a few of the lads over at ME4x4 I have managed to track down a supplier of Quick Fist clips in Dubai and put them to good use tidying up the boot of the YBOD3:

I took the rear door paneling off, drilled holes and bolted the clips through the plastic panel with big washers on the back. Looks tidy, even if I say so myself. Although ignore the cork place mat, its there to act as a spacer and is a temporary measure until I can get a black spacer made up.

No more spades rattling in the boot when I go over graded tracks (yippee).

Friday, September 19, 2008

MAC Add-ict

Now if you have the misfortune of knowing me you'll know I am a MAC addict....I love my Mac byt the way, in case I hadn't mentioned it. Cos its soooooooo good. It works, it jsut owrks, it works all the time, every time I turn it on, and all the way until I turn it off. Its great, and it has loads of cool features like.......

Sorry, where was I, got a bit distractd there. Anyway, I love my Mac and today realised I really am little obsessed....jsut a tad.....when the Co-pilot caught me in the spare room down loading videos. Now I know what you are thinking, and the Co-pilot thought the same "He's downloading pawns!!"

But no, the shame was greater than that, I was watching "Mac Porn".....I was watching the Mac adverts on UTube...........but what can I say, they are pretty cool, take a look:

15 Great MAC adverts

I particularly like the getting out of the box one.

Then I also found a similar one for the Penguin fetishist:
MAC vs Windows Vs Linux
Which was pretty funny, but SO NOT TRUE!!!!

Although Rhubarb, if you are actually reading this, which is unlikley because it isn't written in binary, or hexidecimal or whatever you techispods call all those 1 and 0 this week, where is one for you.

And then I spotted a checky little fun one for the Wii - which I also have one of....but mine isn't nearly that cute ;0):

Mother, I NEED a Wii

and the girl on the right, she soooo makes me want a PS3......

But then the best of the best is when southpark get in on the act:

Southpark Mac vs Windows

Southpark Mac vs windows vs Linux

All very sad I know, but they still amuse me........and its a good distraction from trying to get around the Itisalot proxy to download pictures of girls with........Ooo I wonder, if I try......... that might work, I'll get back to you in a minute....

Ramadan Sundowner

Following the purchase of a shinny new Pajero by a fela at work, and taking advantage of the shorter working hours during Ramadan, we decided to get a party together and head to fosil rock for some off roading followed by an after dark ascent of the rock and a BBQ iftar. The team orders were:

YBOD and the Co-pilot in the YBOD
Grumpy Goat and Mdm Cyn in the Goat Mobile
Matt and Sarah and the Shiny Toy
Colin in the Fat Albert

Only notable stuck was Fat Albert who beach while reversing back down fossil rock following a refusal (don't ask how) and the quote of the day had to be Sarah's pitiful "help" over the radio as Matt drove over the edge of the fossil rock slip face..........bless.


And here are some pictures of those marvelous men (and women) and their flying machines




Head Banger - Batteries not included

Under Construction

Early Riser - A Day in the Desert with Mr Bob

Under Construction

Barcellona - We're all off to sunny march up and down 10,000 hills

After finishing up in Malta we decided that we hadn;t done quite enought flying so we hopped onto another plan to head off to Barcelona to visit the co-pilots sister and her boyfriend (the sisters boyfriend that is, not the co-pilots.....that would just be too complicated).

The first sight that greeted us as we arrived in Barcellona airport was this charming coffee shop:

May favorate impression of Barcelona was the wide boulevards, plenty of pedestrian access and greenery

They even planted grass for the trams to graze on as they traveled around the city:

contrasting with the hustle and bustle of the narrow streets and alleyways of le Rambles

...and the abundance of balconnies, I had a thing for the balconies, almost as much as cranes.....but not quite.

And even a few fake balconies which were, believe it or not, painted onto the side of buildings:

We also say the main sights of Barcelona:

The Gerkin Building, sorry London but Barcelona beat you to this one, which apparently is like a giant LCD screen and all the windows can change colour to display patterns, images and even films........These Spanish Architects are mad I tell you!!

The Segarda Familia (appologies to Spain if I have spelt that wrong), which is a great example of what can be done when an architect is allowed to take LSD and not required to listen to the reasoning voice of an Engineer!!

Now a lot of people who I have spoken to about the SF have said it will be great when it is finished (believe it or not after years it still isn't finished) and that the cranes spoil the view......but believe me that isn't a complaint you will ever hear from me.

The Gaudi Park with its bizzare architecture and 5 mile, fast pace, quick march up the hill to get there under the strict marching orders of Heir Sister!!

The park was a scarien if bizarre place with lovely gardens and walks interspurced with mad curvey buildings and spites, almost like Disneyland but without the tacky tat feel....which is quite an achievement in my book. I liked the place.

We also visited Mount Olymus - or at least the Spanish version, where the Barcelona Olymics were held.....again with a good swift march up the hill from the nearest car park as we tried to keep up with Heir Sister ;0)

But it was worth it because the views were fantastic:

And then Oscar took us for a day out of the city to the little sea side town of Scaletrix (or something like that, sorry Oscar, I can't remember what it was called) which was lovely with beaches, bars, bustley streets and quiet courtyards:

and best of all a ban on Caravans!!

While in Barcelona we stayed with the co-pilots sister and her boyfriend who were the perfect tour guides - willing to show is around, patient and generally sound fellas, and we were chauffeured around in a top example of Seat's finest - thanks guys