Monday, April 26, 2010

Peanut's New clothes

When we found out that Peanut was a boy we bought his first outfits.  YBOD's mum has also been knitting so we have some pictures of the first things we ever received for Peanut. 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Son!!

For those who are not on facebook and therefore didn't see yesterdays late breaking news, we now know that we are having a son, that he's a strong and lively one and, well......lets just say it was VERY clear he was a boy........yes like his dad ;0)

We are now going to have to start that long and painful process of choosing a name for the fella, after all he can't be called peanut for ever......can he?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Peanut is a boy!

I am now just over 19weeks and have just had the latest scan.  It was quite amazing to see that Peanut really does look like a baby now.  We were able to see a brain, bones in the arms and legs and even fingers and thumbs.  Peanut was a bit shy and kept legs together throughout most of the scan but we did spend nearly and hour and a half in the ultrasound room while the sonographer got all the pictures and measurements she needed.  Peanut wouldn't lie on his back for the lady to see his heart properly so I had to keep moving around and going for walks to get him to move.  We were also able to hear a good heart beat which was reasuring.  We can vouch for the the fact that Peanut is definately a boy.  We were able to see a third leg and a scrotum, YBOD is very proud. 

Now that we know Peanut is a boy we can go shopping, my favourite bit.  Luckily blue is my favourite colour, followed by red so a boy is good with me.  It is strange knowing Peanut  is a boy as we had got used to the idea that he was a girl and the name Peanut sounds a little funny now.  We still have to see the doc on Tuesday to get the full results of the scan and make sure Peanut really is perfect. 

What do you think we should call Peanut?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trimix Divers Easter Egg

The Easter bunny brought me the perfect Easter egg for a trimix diver....a trimix egg!!

This beauty was like an Easter bushka doll with a milk choc egg with a white choc egg in side that and a dark choc egg inside that. Genius!!

Now I would loved to have shared some of this with the co-pilot but what can I do, she's not trimix qualified so I can't do it. After all, the rules are there for her own protection, nothing I can do.

Mmmmmmmm yummy ;0D

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