Monday, March 15, 2010

Full pint visitor.

I have found a pub that does pints!! Sorry, I normally start my posts with a bit more of a narrative that that before getting to the exclamation, but I'm afraid this was just too excitting a bit of news not to get straight to the point.

So the story, well a friend of ours from Dubai (yes ok, it's Alissar so maybe aquaintance ratherthan friend) was over in Sydney under orders to visit family with her mum.

Anyway, we met up at Circular key and went for a wonder, catching up and talking sh... Oh actually, I think my mum still reads this blog...... Talking rubbish, unroll we found an invitting looking bar and sat ourselves down. Now since being in Sydney I have long since given in to the fact that you can't get a proper pint in Australia. Being a lover of Real Ale, and room tempurature no fizz ale at that, I am fairly doomed on the contents of any glass here as it's going to be larger or something tasting distictly like larger even if it's name claims it to be bitter!! But notwithstanding the issues related to the contents of said disapponting glass I also have to tollerate the fact that I can't even get a PINT only a SCOONER. Now the Aussies are generally metric in most things they do I know, but I understand they used to maintain the wholesome noble and honable beer measure of a pint until relatively recently, and then had this part measure of a scooner for the less manly drinkers....presumably for the ladies. Well it seems now that just about every bar in Sydney sells scooners only.

But, joy of joys, the bar in question did in fact sell PINTS and so it was that I wondered back to out table with two mug handled good old pints of Coopers Pale Ale (and a diet coke for the pregnant co-pilot) and enjoyed this properly gauged and sized measure of what I have to admit is a rather nice summer beer (best or a bad lot anyway) so much that I decided to stock up on two more to keep it company.

Well I could have just one could I, you never know when they are going to run out of Pints and restock with Scooners!!

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Scouser Sofa Salesman

I dropped the car off for a service this morning and on the work through from there to the office I saw what has to be the best name for a shop, if only it was owned by a scoucer selling stolen tellies and Hifi:

If you know your scouse terminology you'll know what I mean.

I also saw this sign which makes sense in itself but somehow seems wrong.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Alicecrock o'jaberwokie

Just been to see the new Alice in Wonderland and thought I'd share a few thoughts:

`Twas brill, and the silly tale
was dyre and bimbled in the Middle:

All whimsy were the otherfails,
And the none as got the tale.

"Beware the Alicecrock, my son!
The bore t'fight, the point t'catch!

Beware the red head bird, and shun
The funnyless story snatch!"

We took the 3D warpin specs in hand:
Long time the maxim o'Burton sought
So rested we by the humdum be,
And sat awhile in thought.

And, as if in chocolate factory stood,
The JonnyDepp, with eyes of vacant fame,
And character though just as good,
Why must it always be the same!

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The first half it went snicker-snack!

He knocked 'em dead, and with whit he said
but the second half umph did lack.

"And, as I've seen the Alicecrock
Come to my side, look for my joy!

O it lost its way! clever long the way!'
I chortled in less joy.

`Twas brill, and the silly tale
was dyre and bimbled in the Middle:

All whimsy where the story sails,
but wait 'til disc on sales

I'm no literary genius but hopefully some will have reckognised that this was supposed to be in the style of the Jaberwokie.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fetal Delinquent

Today the copilot and I entered the next phase of the rest of our life.....we entered the second trimester!! And this milestone is heralded in by the occurance of possibly the scariest appointment of our life.....the twelve week scan.

And before I say any more I'll cut to the chase and share the pictures otherwise I know both our mums will fail to read the rest of the post, they'll skip past looking for the pictures so here
it is:

So why is this so scary I hear you cry, after all it is the wonderful moment when you get to see your new baby for the first time, and that is very true and it is wonderful in every way. But it is also the most terrifying, clostraphobia inducing panic and run to the airport to get on a one way flight to rio scary because it is the paradim moment when everything changes, your consciousness shifts and it all becomes real and official. WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!

Up until that point it was perfectly possible to be chugged to bits but at the same time in blissful ignorance of the true inormaty of it all. After all, up until now it was just a reading on a pee stick (no problem) bigger boobs (bonus) and the Co-pilot getting a little more portly around the middle (a rich vien of pie eating jokes aplenty). All very real, all very excitting but nothing ground breaking and earth shattering.

But now, now you've seen the little blighter, seen it move and riggle on screen. Now it's real, now you know it's there. And now you can't unknow it's there either. Now we are going to be parents!!

Deep breathes, concontrate on breathing in and out. In and out.

So what was it like. It was fantastic, there were wires and TV screens everywhere, lubrcant jelly, sensor and 'probes'. All very clinical, and all very cool. The Co-pilot gas been told to drink lots of water and we arrived we her busting for the loo. And one thing we have learnt from the whole thing is that our first born is already a hyper active, camera shy akward little so and so. The sonar opperatpr tried this way and that way (and another way that looked rather invasive) to get that classic babyshot image but to no avail, peanut just kept turning over and turning away. She even got CP to go for a week to empty the bladder a bit, jump up and down and cough to try and giggle her about but peanut was having none of it. Each time the sonar locked on and it looked like she was lining up to launch the topedos (take a picture) peanut would riggle, turn or in one case jump our of view.

But the success!!! She got a radar lock on peanut and we were all thrilled as peanut had been out foxed and appeared to be rolling toward us as..... She stuck her toung out and gave us the finger right of queue for the picture taking:

I kid you not, it looked exactly like that was what was happening and even the sonar opperator admitted with a laugh that that was of fact her finger...and yes she did have her toung out. And so there you have it. Our kid isn't even born and already it's a rebel delinquent.

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