Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nobody more Youi than you.....except you that is

Now I don't usually use this blog for goat style rants about loonacy and idioticness in the world but I have been moved to do so.

When I moved to Australia and kitted myself out with a truck of suitable qualities.  You know, nothing extravagant just the essentials such a a modest engine (4L plus); good traction control (such as 4 wheel drive); an adequate carrying capacity (comfortable seating for five people and all their dive gear should about do it) and so I arrived at the economically little city run around that is the Nissan Patrol 4.8L GU ST.

I then got to looking for insurance for this little beast.  I was particularly impressed with an advertising campaign by an Australian Insurer who ran the tag line "Nobody is more youi than you, that's why we insure you for how you use your car".  Sounded brilliant I thought.  They have things like cheaper policies if you don't use your car to commute to work, or if you only own a small car, or you only use your car at weekends for trips etc.  This was a breath of fresh air after the insanly simple UAE system of "4% of the value of your car" regardless of whether you are a insane driver.

On this basis I took out insurance back in February and it was half the price of the next cheapest quite because I commute to work by ferry.  Brilliant!!

Well, in preparation for the big trips the co-pilot and I intend to take peanut on just as soon as he is old enough for his child seat we have had a few minor modifications made to the truck.  You know, the little tweaks like steel front bumper with super winch in case we need to drag an elephant out of the way, a dual wheel carrier steel rear bumper in case we get TWO punctures at once and 80mm lift kit (upgraded to super-stiff heavy duty springs) to safely carry all the extra weight.  In a summary we finished off the vehicle as I'm sure Nissan really wanted to make it but ran out of time on a Friday afternoon and so cut a few corners.

Well, upon reversion back to my youi insurance compnay to inform them of these little imprvements it would seem that while there is nobody more youi than me, it would seem that I am just a little too meie than me and suddenly I am completely unisurable.  It would seem that I can be as me as me provided you are a tofu knitting bunny hugger eager to buy a car and leave it at home and go to work on your bike........and do nothing more exciting with your car than add an air freshener.

I am now on the search for another insurance company; one that can handle somebody as youi as I want to be.