Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cluster Map Guest Book

I have added the cluster map application to the side of this blog. I initially added it as it looked cool over on grumpy goats blog, and I am now glad I did because it is VERY cool and amazed me how far and wide people have visited this humble little blog from.

I then got even more curious to perhaps know who all these people are there fore I thought I'd add a little guest book. So, if you visit this site it would be cool if you left a comment linked t this blog entry jsut perhaps letting me know who you are and where you are.




R Bailey said...


R Bailey said...

Okay after suitable "advice" from his Yellow'ness as to leave a comment explaining where I am here goes :-)

My name is Richard and I looking at this blog from my office computer.
Is that what's meant ?


My name is Richard, I live in Dubai in United Arab Emirates (UAE).
To learn more about me check out my website www.images-underwater.net

meema said...

woooo you have grown chin fluff!!! dont worry your dad didnt grow his till he was a lot older than you are now hehee very impressive........not!!!

rob@sthelenanet.com said...

Hi Steven

Yes, it's sunny St Helena hitting on your world map as requested.

Would gladly trade places right now though!

All the best


eLvano said...

blogwalking :D

Helder Novais said...

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