Friday, July 2, 2010

Who's Yer Daddy!!

As Imogen has suddnely disciovered her writters prowess, and produced some quite amusing posts, I thought I better get a word in edge ways.  Now, being a bit of a day dreamer (yeah yeah OK, a lot of a day dreamer) I was doing a few random searches around the wide world of webs and came across what I have to say is the COOLEST baby outfit ever:

If anybody is looking for that must get gift for a Dad to be this would be right up there with them (hint hint HINT!!)

Other greats include:                                           Chewy:

and R2D2 
Or for the baddies out there - a storm trooper

It is just a shame they don't do a Luke Skywaker in x-wing fighter pilot suit.  As mum will know, along with the double inner curve, this was the much longed for toy to complete my collection.  I eventually got the curve, but to this day have never been the proud owner of a Luke Skywalker.

I did originally search for "Where can I get Star Wars baby clothes?"  and got back the answer "Tatooine".  You have to be fan to know why that was so funny it made me laugh out loud!!

========================LATE BREAKING NEWS====================

Best of all worlds, they do a Luke Skywater in X-wing fighter pilots outfit for PEANUT!!


Imogen Beckett said...

Just to let you know the Luke Sky Walker outfit has already been ordered as Steven was soooo excited!

meema said...

spoilt brat!! steven not peanut!!

Hooters airline said...

Don't worry.
I'm sure little peanut will get his little light saber out make it and steven wet through ;-)

p.s. Special price for Rio tickets is still on !

Ovi Age said...


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